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James joined us here at Tempt just under a year ago and since then he has taken the lead on a variety of client accounts. As well as creating and implementing strategies across multiple different brands, he also masters a myriad of different marketing platforms.

When he’s not working, James enjoys exploring Manchester and eating out with friends. In this blog he gives us a glimpse of what a typical working day looks like for him.



During the week I try my best to make it to the gym before work. Some mornings I’ll have my personal trainer and we’ll work through some workouts together, and on the other days I like to use the bike and listen to a podcast.

Living in the city means I can easily walk to and from work. Tempt is fairly flexible with its work schedule. Tuesday to Thursday, I’ll be in the office and most Mondays and Fridays I can work from home. I think this gives a good balance and helps avoid those dreaded Monday morning feels!

Once I arrive I typically catch up with my colleagues. Mondays and Tuesdays we have a meeting as a whole agency where we’ll run through tasks and client updates. Before the meeting, I’ll check over my emails and make sure there’s nothing that needs to be actioned immediately. If not, I’ll check the news and social media for any new updates or stories about the industry or any exciting news that might be relevant to clients.



During the morning meeting we’ll discuss our different clients and all the tasks that need to be prioritised during the week. We’re a collaborative agency, so we’ll always offer help to any colleagues that might have a larger task list.

The meeting is a great way to ensure the whole team is on track with ongoing campaigns. The start of the week is typically a very team-oriented time where we can pass ideas around, updating each other, coming up with new and exciting creative campaigns and generally getting a lot done.

As a growing agency, we’re always looking to welcome new clients to our roster, and we’ve been lucky to welcome a few recently. With all the new clients comes onboarding sessions. This is then swiftly followed by strategy meetings and planning. The onboarding process is essential in making sure our clients get the most out of Tempt.

My favourite time of day is when I have the opportunity to create content, engage with the team, and learn. I intentionally make time for learning, creating and engaging so that I can increase the effectiveness of my client’s social media presence over time.

Next comes my next favourite part of the day – lunchtime! Working in an office in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is great because there are so many places to eat or grab a coffee close by.


My days and weeks are often very varied and can change quickly, but usually, I like to focus my afternoon on ‘bigger tasks’.

I love a good deck, so this is usually when I’ll start tackling these. Social strategy decks, paid campaign decks or new business decks are top of the list. And from this, there’s always ongoing progress to be made with campaigns and strategies, so I’ll spend time presenting these to my manager Beccy, make any relevant tweaks, and go through to the next steps.

Strategising and planning are two of the key areas of any marketing job and something that I tend to always focus on. This part of the day includes creating content for current social media campaigns or planning out new strategies or briefing other members of the team on content creation.

Tracking campaign performance is one of the most important elements for ensuring successful outcomes. In order to get a sense of how our client’s campaigns are performing I use a mix of different analytics tools designed to measure engagement.

I also tend to have client meetings in the afternoon, where I can touch base and we can update each other on where we’re at and discuss upcoming new projects.

Towards the end of the day, I’ll make sure that I’ve boxed off all my tasks that need to be done and I’ll spend a little bit of my time planning how I’ll approach the next day. Once the day finishes, if I’m not heading out with friends, I’ll go home and relax with some good TV.



What I like most about my job is the scope. It allows you to work across multiple different industries and brands. Working for an agency, no two days are the same. We have clients that range across lots of different sectors which allows us to continue learning.

Working in marketing also allows you to push yourself creatively, there’s always a campaign to be working on and get your creative juices flowing.

The world of marketing, PR and social media is always changing and growing, so it’s nice to be in a job where you feel you are constantly learning new things and being able to push yourself to try new ways of working.

I’m always looking to learn and grow in my chosen field, so having the capacity to do this, such as attending workshops, training days or networking events, is always really exciting.

Is the day in the life of an Account Manager what you expected?

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