When it comes to collaborating with other businesses and organisations in your industry, you may be worried about competitors stealing your ideas or audience base. However, collaborative marketing is more now than ever before, becoming a viable strategy for brands within the tourism and hospitality sectors, and it’s actually helping to widen their target audience and customer base.

It can feel a little risky to team up with other organisations, but choosing this marketing strategy can help to not only get more for your budget but also help you reach relevant audiences that you may not have been able to reach previously.

How can collaborative marketing work for the tourism and hospitality sectors?

There isn’t an industry out there that collaborative marketing can’t work for. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, there are plenty of benefits that are just too hard to ignore.

Improved market presence

Collaboration can help you to further develop your brand’s core messages and beliefs. Use another business’s personality to compliment your own or enhance certain aspects of your own brand personality.

Greater reach and engagement

Organisations such as hotels and restaurants frequently team up with their competitors to hold give-aways or shared incentives. Helping them to reach a much wider and relevant audience.

Greater number of clients / contacts / enquiries

Collaboration can also help you to expand your network, increase the number of enquiries and get your brand in front of a section of your audience you may not have reached yet.

Shared workload, experience and expertise

Collaborative marketing can help spread the workload across multiple different company marketing teams, helping you to reach more potential customers, but use less resource and manpower internally.

Its cost effective

Split the cost of the campaign or significantly reduce the amount of budget needed. This helps you to get a lot more for your money!

Reaching audiences as an independent, that you couldn’t normally

A prime example of how to do this is by looking at one of our very own clients, Unique Venues of Manchester, a collaborative marketing organisation, helping to promote venues across Greater Manchester for events, meetings and conferences. The company tend to use tactics such as trade show stand partnerships, shared digital content and shared advertising.


If you’d like to find out more about how collaborative marketing could work for your tourism or hospitality business, why not get in touch with us here at Tempt Marketing? We can help you to see how a collaborative strategy could work for you and what benefits you could expect from your next collaborative campaign.

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