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Ah, Christmas. A time for hope, joy, and the rollout of huge marketing campaigns.

Each festive season, the biggest brands get creative and compete to make their Christmas campaign the most memorable. From Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot to John Lewis’ famous song covers to Marks and Spencer’s tradition of… burning party hats… actually, probably best not to talk about this year’s M&S ad.

Brands go all out on the creativity, storytelling, and festive vibes. In fact, according to the Advertising Association, UK brands were expected to spend a record £9.5bn on Christmas advertising this year[i], so we’re talking big money. But, did it pay off?

Which marketing efforts did team Tempt think were the best? Let’s unwrap the magic and explore our five top Christmas campaigns of 2023…


Pop the Bublé!  – Asda Christmas

In our number five position is Asda’s star-studded Christmas ad, which brings a perfect blend of silliness and humour to our screens. Titled ‘Pop the Bublé! It’s officially Christmas’, the ad not only showcases Asda’s offerings but also features the charismatic Michael Bublé, to add an extra dash of holiday magic.

Asda’s advert is a festive triumph, which strikes the perfect balance between charm, humour, and holiday spirit. With the inclusion of Michael Bublé, Asda has elevated its Christmas marketing to a new level.


The bag for Life – JD Sports

Forget tinsel and turkey, the JD Sports marketing team have played out a very different creative. JD Sports highlights their iconic duffle bag as ‘The bag for life’, showcasing the authentic role it plays in today’s youth culture. The ad celebrates diverse, relatable, real-life scenarios – and the message feels powerful.

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the sportswear giant has managed to seamlessly blend style and eco-consciousness in a slick and compelling narrative. The high-energy advert includes some pretty big names from music and sport too, such as Kano and Ella Toone.


Fuzzy Feelings – Apple

Apple have unveiled yet another gem with their latest offering, the ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ advert. The brand has once again managed to strike a chord with audiences, delivering a hilarious and visually heartwarming tale that perfectly encapsulates the silly season.

Apple’s ad blends nostalgia, emotion, and cutting-edge technology to create a narrative that resonates with audiences. This advert not only showcases the capabilities of Apple products but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to spreading joy, during the most wonderful time of the year.

Joy Ride – Amazon Prime

This year, Amazon have delivered to us, a holiday treat with its latest festive campaign, ‘Joy Ride’. The e-commerce giant’s advert takes viewers on a funny journey through a world of whimsy and wonder, effectively capturing the magic and joy of the holiday season.

Amazon’s unexpected ad has a John Lewis feel to it, tapping into the universal desire for a joyful and stress-free holiday season. This campaign is a reminder that, with a touch of magic, even the busiest holiday preparations can become a joyous adventure.

#BecomeMoreChristmas  Tesco

Taking the crown is Tesco, who are in our number one spot. Tesco have captured the essence of the festive season by helping you to #BecomeMoreChristmas. The supermarket’s campaign is lighthearted, relatable and fun, encapsulating the true spirit of Christmas.

Tesco’s clever use of the hashtag #BecomeMoreChristmas encourages viewers to share their own stories and acts of kindness during the holiday season. This not only creates a sense of community engagement but also positions Tesco as a brand that values and celebrates connection around Christmas.


Did you agree with our top Christmas marketing campaign picks? Maybe you were surprised that John Lewis and Aldi didn’t make it onto our list this year. Let us know your favourite!

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