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Public Relations

Public relations can be key to getting your name out there and giving your brand credibility.

We have an enthusiasm for communication and spreading great news about our clients. We will be your brand’s biggest advocate, and we won’t stop shouting about it until we secure the media coverage you deserve. Our PR strategy also includes influencer management, where relevant, to make sure you’re reaching all the right people.

Strategic ideas for generating consumer interest, driving revenue, and speaking to media audiences is where our expertise lie. New product launches, brand  collaborations, team profiling – we’ll tell the story, pitch to journalists with the best approach to generate the coverage you desire.

Beccy and her team exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, the work Tempt executed, converted into monetary sales for the business. I would not hesitate to hire Beccy & her talented team for any project. We wanted a professional & quality team that did not distract with smoke & mirrors of fancy PR jargon. I can confidently say through our own experience, whatever proposal Tempt pitch for they will deliver 110%!

Nathan, Ewe Restaurant & Bar

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not just about endorsements and product placements, likes and comments. Influencers can elevate your marketing, grow your brand and sell a product or service.

We will analyse your business and its goals and find influencers right for you. Whether it’s micro, macro or mega influencers or whether you want a full gifted campaign, we’ll deliver you results. We can source the perfect content creators where your audiences live: Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Blog.

Our PR agency team will pair your brand with influencers that will deliver maximum results. Our dedicated social media team are expert in sourcing influencers, analysing performance, creating posting contracts and creating lifelong ambassadors for your brand.

Using our network of journalists and influencers, we’ll target a full range of features and placements. These include influencers talking about food, travel, lifestyle, and personalities who can support creating content, and then sharing far and wide.



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