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If you’ve been living anywhere in the past week that isn’t under a rock, you’ll know that Threads is the new social media platform on the block. Threads has already hit the milestone as the fastest growing app of all time, surging to over 100 million users in less than a week*. So, love it or hate it, Threads may just be the new app we all need to learn. We don’t quite have the full lowdown yet, but here are our thoughts so far…

We’re loving how experimental Threads is.

The thing we like most about Threads has got to be how random it has been so far. For the first week at least, it has felt like anything goes on this app, which has been quite refreshing. On platforms like Instagram, brands and individuals can sometimes feel like there’s a constant pressure to have ‘perfect’ posts, with perfect images. Whereas Threads has made room for things to be a bit more experimental and conversational in style. It seems to be more about showing the ‘realness’ behind a brand. In this way, it’s not too dissimilar to TikTok. Humour is always appreciated, and brands like Channel Four, Aldi and Pretty Little Thing have jumped onboard and nailed this to a tee.


Threads seems to be a ‘friendlier’ social media platform.

We’ve loved playing around on the platform, starting and joining conversations, engaging with people and brands. It feels like a fun place to hang out. So far, Threads does seem to be a little friendlier than Twitter. One of the bad things about Twitter is just how controversial and negative it can be. With Threads, you have to already have an Instagram profile, so we wonder if that could reduce the amount of anonymous trolls out there? We really hope so!


Threads is growing fast.

100 million users and still growing. It’s safe to say that the metaverse has swooped in quickly, at a time when Elon Musk and Twitter are under a lot of scrutiny. We aren’t sure if Threads will necessarily replace Twitter, but its fast-growing popularity could be a sign that this app is about to be huge! Threads won’t suit all brands, but it certainly shouldn’t be dismissed or ignored at this stage as a potential platform to jump on. Surely it can’t hurt to get in there early? Developers of the new social media platform have also come out to say they’ll be evolving and improving the app over time, ensuring users are satisfied.


Brands have been quick to get in on the act.

A lot of brands have already jumped onto Threads, and it has paid off. Ryanair, Aldi, ITV and Duolingo are just a few examples of brands who have gained traction quickly. We are yet to see Innocent post yet, though! Now feels like a great time for brands to experiment with something different and trial what they may not have previously posted on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. And, as ever … it’s all about engagement, asking the audiences, responding to questions.


Is the Metaverse getting too big?

There are currently no ads on Threads, but this is likely to be a feature for the future. Meta continues to expand, and so does the amount of data they have on its users. You may be surprised to hear that Threads is not available currently in the EU because of privacy concerns. However, we expect most people won’t be concerned about this. After all, what’s another meta-app?


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*Source: Business Insider

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