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You may have already heard the term ‘content is king’. The reason content is king is because high-quality, high-value content is one of the best ways to not only boost your website SEO but to reach your target audience and start building their trust.

Content such as evergreen content (which is always relevant) can be repurposed time and time again and can be used across other marketing platforms, such as social and even ads. Content is universal, and consistent content is not only powerful for your marketing but it can also help your overall marketing work smarter, not harder.

Some of our best benefits of consistent, high-quality content are:


One of the best reasons to start creating consistent content is to boost the SEO of your website. On-site blogs especially can help you to be found in search engine results for a much wider array of keywords than simply optimising your web pages.

On-site content is also best to target ‘long-tail keywords’, which are the specific phrases that a user may type into a search engine to find an answer. For example, you may want people to find your business when they type in the words ‘Restaurant in Manchester’; that would be a short tail keyword. However, a long-tail keyword would be ‘10 Best Restaurants in Manchester For Families’. Creating consistent content that focuses on these longer keywords and phrases allows your websites to be found on searches you wouldn’t normally appear for, and if you keep the content relevant to your target audience, you’ll be able to drive your ideal audience straight to your website with very little competition from competitors.

Consistent on-site content marketing is also favoured by Googles ‘bots’, the robots that crawl through the internet indexing every single website deciding how relevant and valuable that website is to Google users. The more active and updated the website is the more valuable it becomes because Google can see that it’s a living website. Uploading new blogs every week shows that your website is dedicated to offering value to Google’s users and so Google is more likely to list your blogs in the top search results.


From a branding perspective, consistent content marketing helps to support your brand voice, values and goals. Uploading regular content, whether it be social posts, videos or blogs can help you to better portray your brand’s unique identity.

This is especially useful when it comes to coming up against competitors, as you can actively show your audience how you differ, what your USP is and what it is you have to offer that they don’t.

A great example of how consistent content can help build a stronger brand voice is Aldi’s Twitter page. The brand consistently replies and posts in a tongue-in-cheek way that over time has built them a reputation of not taking themselves too seriously and being a brand that is very self-aware. The recent caterpillar controversy with M&S really allowed them to showcase this with regular posts about the news around the situation, and this showcased their personality to a huge audience which actually helped them grow their audience with the company seeing a spike in online interest throughout the month of April*.


Being consistent also helps to build the relationship between you and your target audience. When your audience sees that you are active online, whether that’s regularly posting on social media or even creating quality emails for them weekly, the trust starts to build and they are more likely to support your brand long-term.

If you can create high-quality, informative, entertaining or practical content for your audience you are much more likely to bring in returning traffic to your website and build an audience that you can rely on to buy your products or services.

You can even use content marketing as a customer services tool, helping to give your customers the support they need without overwhelming your customer services teams. According to a recent Hub Spot survey, “43% of video marketers say video has reduced the number of support calls they’ve received. (Wyzowl, 2020) (Source:”. Creating video tutorials is a great way to show your audience you know what they need, that you’re listening to them and that you’re willing to support them.


Finally, consistent content marketing can provide crucial data for your business. By analysing your content results such as clicks, views, engagement rates etc. you can better understand what your audience cares about and what they don’t. Some businesses even go as far as to use this for product and service development, using the content marketing data to inform how they serve their audience.

Using tools such as Google Analytics, content marketing can also help you understand who you are attracting to your website including where they are in the world, what their interests are, how old they are and more. This is all information that you can then use to hone other areas of your marketing and see how you can narrow targeting down to get even more granular with your audience targeting, which leads to better results for the business.

Consistent content marketing requires a well thought out content marketing plan. All the content you create for your business needs to have a clear intention and goal, this could be to drive more traffic to your website, generate leads or bookings or for eCommerce sites, conversions. If you’d like some help creating the ideal content strategy and building a consistent content marketing plan, get in touch with our team.

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