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Could AI replace your content team?

What once seemed like a sci-fi concept of the future could now be a reality, as AI becomes more and more advanced. OpenAI made its ChatGPT tool live late last year, and it has recently been the hot topic on everyone’s lips. The model was trained using 300 billion words and 570GB of data from books, webtexts, Wikipedia, articles and more[i]. The chatbot’s ability to write everything from well-written essays and blogs to breakup texts and Christmas songs in the style of Taylor Swift (look it up) is both impressive and uncanny. Whilst many people have found the chatbot rather amusing, others may be wondering what it means for the future of the marketing industry. If artificial intelligence can write as well as a human, are content creators destined to become an extinct species? Are robots indeed going to take over the world?!

Maybe we were being a little dramatic there, but you get the idea. As we’re a marketing agency, we thought ‘why don’t we write a blog about the topic? In fact, why don’t we get the ChatGPT AI to also write a blog too!’ So, based on the prompt ‘will AI replace content creators’, this is what the AI came up with:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in a variety of industries, leading many to wonder if it will soon replace content creators. While AI has the potential to automate certain tasks and make content creation more efficient, the answer to this question is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. In this blog, we will explore the potential impact of AI on the field of content creation and what the future may hold.”

At first, we thought ‘that’s rather good.’ Then, becoming a little competitive, we thought could we do better? Comparing the first paragraph of ChatGPT’s blog with the first paragraph of this blog, we concluded that AI will not in replace content creators anytime soon. The AI paragraph is very cohesive and factual. Compare it with ours, though, and you see it lacks the same quirkiness, wit, imagination, and sense of intrigue that ours has (not to be big-headed or anything).

If you can get past the slightly arrogant tone of that last paragraph, read on for our top five reasons why human content creators are here to stay:

Creativity & Imagination

Whilst AI can do many remarkable things, ultimately it lacks the same originality and imagination that human writers have. As probably highlighted in many parts of this blog, human writers tend to have their own quirks (like using brackets to include a witty remark here and there, throughout the text). They can also generate original, imaginative ideas and humour by making random connections, like how we jumped from chatbots to the end of the world. Human content creators should also know to avoid cliches. Imagination should also be used in social media advertising, where we should always strive to be original and fresh.


If there’s one thing a human content creator can do, it’s using empathy in their writing. Empathy is arguably what separates out an engaging blog from a piece of factual information. Content creators can use shock and empathy to encourage the reader to want to know more. The first sentence in our blog asked a question directly to the reader, intended to get them thinking about their own team. The AI, on the other hand, went down a purely factual route.


Context is key. In order for AI to write effective copy, it would need to have a proper understanding of the brand, tone of voice, and a concrete knowledge of the customers it’s trying to speak to. As a PR and Marketing agency, we know how important it is to know the audience you’re speaking to. Perhaps human content creators could utilise AI, rather than be replaced by it.


Good content creators and marketers should create content with a strategy in mind. Strategy is a key part of social media management. It should be considered in everything, from newsletters and web copy to social media posts. A marketing team are crucial to really shape a good strategy for your business.

ChatGPT Agrees

The Ai agrees: “while AI may play an increasingly important role in the field of content creation, it is unlikely to replace human content creators entirely. Instead, AI and human content creators will need to work together to create content that is both engaging and impactful.”

There you go! We can see AI becoming a useful tool for content creators in the future, but you should really consider investing in a marketing team who can shape and implement the best marketing strategy for your business. In conclusion, we think our jobs are safe for now (hopefully)!

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