Victoria Warehouse

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Victoria Warehouse has come a long way since the days of Manchester’s cotton trade.

Today, the venue is a thriving music events and exhibition space. We played a role in raising their new profile, driving added interest and revenue in the local and national market…



  • Increase revenue through B2B events, generate enquiries for corporate events such as conferences, product launches, exhibitions and gala dinners.
  • Increase revenue through B2C events and generate enquiries for weddings and social celebrations.
  • Develop public relations and continue to raise the profile of the venue within the events industry.
  • Overcome any previous negative misconceptions of the brand within a local market.
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To stoke a fresh conversation around Victoria Warehouse, we had to push the venue’s potential online.

Many people and businesses were aware of the building, but few knew how it could house, develop and cater for their most ambitious experiences. We chose to strengthen the brand’s connection to agencies and suppliers, so they had all the support they’d need when bookings gathered pace.

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Victoria Warehouse


of activity.

  • Took charge of public relations and editing opportunities
  • Grew a monthly marketing and sales database
  • Developed the brand’s new image amongst two audiences: B2C and B2B
  • Planned promotional events, calendars and open days for people to experience the venue for themselves
  • Complemented the strategy with photography, copywriting and web design, including PPC and SEO for added reach

Our Results

Successfully double the volume of enquiries and because of this, the business grew it’s turnover by 48%.

Secured a sponsored advertising deal with a leading industry publication for the value of £80K.

Awarded ‘Best Venue Communication’ at The CHS Awards 2018.