Brand & Marketing

Our brand and marketing workshops are bespoke consultancy sessions that aim to help you get clear about all aspects of your marketing strategy.

At Tempt we know how impactful a carefully curated marketing strategy can be for a business. That’s why our team work with you one-to-one, helping you:

  • Find brand clarity, including strengthening messaging and values
  • Think strategically about all forms of marketing to improve growth
  • Create an effective PR plan to increase awareness
  • Implement social media content ideas that encourage engagement

From our team knowing zilch about social media to spinning two accounts simultaneously was no mean achievement! Yes, that was the work of Holly and Beccy to build our social media profile from scratch over several months. We’re very grateful to Tempt for getting our Estate’s offering in beautifully designed nature holidays up and running.

Victoria, Brucefield Estate

From Ideas to

actionable strategy

We work with you to help identify any areas of training needed and to fill any knowledge or skill gaps that might be hindering your marketing efforts.

This also nurtures an open conversation about what your business goals are, allowing us to offer bespoke recommendations and guidance around how marketing can help support those goals.

How are the workshops structured?

Whether it’s online or face to face, we sit down with you to discuss your business’ brand, goals and current marketing strategy. From there we can get a better idea of how things are working and any areas that could be strengthened or redirected.

Your session is completely tailored to your individual needs and focus. We aim to leave you with increased confidence in creating an effective business marketing strategy, with the skills needed to do it.

Lots of our clients chose to focus specifically on social media marketing, and we’re proud to have delivered training sessions around content planning, paid social media campaigns and revised social strategy for many in-house teams.

A brand & marketing workshop followed by strategic recommendations may typically include:

  • A clear summary of services & products on offer
  • Your key objectives
  • The brand proposition
  • What makes the brand stand out from the crowd
  • The marketing channels
  • Target audiences refined
  • Content:
    • Key messaging
    • Themes for social content
    • Content recommendations
  • Social media posting schedule
  • Tips for planning and scheduling

Take a look at some of our previous projects

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The Benefits of

working with Tempt

Working with us can help you take back control of your business marketing. You’ll be able to effectively:
  • Create a goal-led marketing strategy that helps to grow and develop your business
  • Launch successful PR campaigns to dramatically increase brand awareness
  • Develop your existing in-house marketing teams using expert agency knowledge and experience
  • Strengthen brand credibility and communicate brand values and messaging more clearly
  • Curate a social media feed that perfectly represents your brand and encourages higher levels of engagement
  • Implement actionable goals that are supported by data and guided by intentional strategies