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Alpine-inspired social experience.

Bar Hütte, wanted a larger profile to raise interest, generate enquiries and get more bookings for their city huts across the UK. We were only too happy to take a holistic view of their marketing potential…



  • Raise awareness of the brand to attract the general public, local businesses and influencers to therefore generate enquiries.
  • To convert, then maximise on these enquiries and group bookings.
  • To generate coverage and create a wider following of potential customers for future events.
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First, we reviewed the marketplace and Bar Hütte’s unique position within it.

Then we built a mixed communications strategy over three key cities – Manchester, London and Liverpool. It consisted of local outreach, advertising and social channels, which expressed the brand’s diversity. As well as creating a conversation, we wanted to put the huts themselves front and centre before launch day.

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Bar Hutte


of activity.

  • Updated the website and introduced a new booking widget
  • Managed key promotional content, from photography to copywriting and graphic design
  • Improved creative and branding on all fronts, including the design of the menu
  • Took charge of social marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Stoked PR activity on a local and national level
  • Planned and executed advertising campaigns with their media suppliers Led headline launch events, with promotional activities and competitions for Bar Hütte’s audience

Our Results

With such an innovative, attention-grabbing concept, the client already had much to offer for group bookings and winter events. Yet we were able to boost bookings by 10% prior to launch.

On social media, over 220,000 impressions gave the brand a massive reach. Meanwhile, over 25 editorial pieces were published in the media – both localised and nationwide.

The marketing became just as much of an event as the hut bookings themselves. Our team recognised a fantastic, novelty premise within the leisure sector, so – with our help – Bar Hütte’s voice had a clear direction to become distinctive and unmissable. Soon enough, the marketing became just as much of an event as the hut bookings themselves.