EnterprisingYou is a government-funded programme.

Specially designed to support self-employed individuals, including those who work in the gig economy and small business owners in Greater Manchester. We were tasked with driving awareness to new potential customers, using Instagram as a key platform.



  • To effectively target a niche audience in order to generate quality leads.
  • To grow an engaged audience that resonates with EnterprisingYou’s core offering.
  • To streamline social management in order to save time and budget.



After conducting an initial social media audit, we found that EnterprisingYou had clear messaging around their programme offering, which we wanted to expand on by effectively introducing Instagram into the EnterprisingYou social media suite.

With this, we aimed to grow social following and make an impression with the content that both inspired and motivated EnterprisingYou’s target audience. We also wanted to ensure every post contained a clear ‘call to action’, to encourage new clients to sign up to the programme and further solidify the brand’s core message.



of activity.

  • Launched Instagram with a series of branded graphics.
  • Provided a myriad of content ideas and suggestions to the team.
  • Created and scheduled posts each week using an effective social management platform.
  • Implemented weekly engagement to raise brand awareness, finding the best hashtags for the demographic.
  • Followed and engaged with local businesses and influencers to increase brand awareness within the community.
  • Delivered a training session for the team on social media platforms, highlighting tips and tools to enable growth and raise awareness of EnterprisingYou.

Our Results

We successfully launched EnterprisingYou’s Instagram, using a series of strong branding and visuals to make the page stand out and portray the brands core messaging clearly and succinctly. We generated over 300 followers in under six weeks, raising awareness of EnterprisingYou across small businesses within Greater Manchester.

By providing the team with insights, rationale and example content which speaks to our target audience, we were also able to give them the skills they need to implement this social plan going forward. This added credibility to the brand, meaning our audience will continually want to engage and return.

It has been a pleasure working with Tempt to launch and develop the Instagram for The Enterprising You programme. Thank you to the team for inputting ideas and efforts into the content ahead of launching this channel. You have given us a great start and impression on this image-driven platform. The workshop you have given to our team was also brilliant.

Gaile, Marketing Manager at Enterprising You