Brucefield Estate

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Brucefield Estate is a beautiful, countryside escape in rural Scotland. Perfect for walkers, cyclists, and wildlife enthusiasts, Brucefield Estate pride themselves on wildlife conservation, heritage and history. Nestled within this rural retreat is Slackbrae, a luxury cottage, plus eco bothies.



  •  To showcase the Brucefield Estate offering to potential customers across the UK.
  •  To engage with desired audiences and create a community using social media.
  •  To promote stays at the estate, generating new enquiries and bookings for Slackbrae.
  • To add credibility and value to the brand with consistent content and regular updates.
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We launched Instagram and Facebook for this new and exciting Scottish estate, aiming to drive awareness of the brand and direct people to book a stay. Collaborating with the team at Brucefield, we communicated the key messages of luxury stay, history and wildlife conservation, through regular posts and stories. We also focussed on the community aspect of social media, connecting and shouting about local businesses and suppliers. Over the course of six months, we created on-brand social media channels, driving website clicks mainly through Facebook and using Instagram to visually showcase Brucefield. As part of this, we also sourced appropriate influencers, managed Facebook ads, and implemented content for newsletters.

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Brucefield Estate


of activity.

  • Launched social media accounts, posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Created Instagram highlights to showcase the different offerings and aspects.
  • Regularly liaised with the Brucefield team, suggesting video content and imagery to be captured for social media posts.
  • Implemented weekly engagement to raise brand awareness, finding the best hashtags for our demographic, and messaging people about Brucefield.
  • Followed and engaged with local bloggers and influencers.
    Sourced stock imagery and user-generated content for variety.
  • Connected and posted about local businesses and suppliers.
  • Took part in weekly and bi-weekly meetings with the Brucefield team, reporting social media analytics and collaborating with the team.
  •  Shared PR and news stories across social media platforms.
  • Created an Easter newsletter.
  • Delivered a social media workshop to the Brucefield team.

Our Results

We successfully launched Brucefield on social media, gaining around 700 new followers in just under seven months. We created a regular posting schedule and format that could be maintained by the Brucefield team. We also added credibility and value to the brand with a consistent content and concise tone of voice. This contributed to achieving over 13,000 visits to the website across six months, as well as a Facebook reach of over 495,000 and an Instagram reach of over 48,000. We also delivered a number of training sessions to the Brucefield team.

From our team knowing zilch about social media to spinning two accounts simultaneously was no mean achievement! Yes, that was the work of Holly and Beccy to build our social media profile from scratch over several months. We’re very grateful to Tempt for getting our Estate’s offering in beautifully designed nature holidays up and running.

Victoria, Owner of Brucefield Estate