Olive Branch Fostering.

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Olive Branch Fostering is a North West-based fostering agency. For almost a decade, they have supported hundreds of foster families and made a lasting impact on many people’s lives.
Tempt were brought in to devise a content strategy which supports the agency to grow its list of potential carers, in turn allowing for more children to be supported by Olive Branch Fostering.
 Client Objectives
  • The main goal for Olive Branch Fostering was to increase foster care leads.
Leads = A person who indicates interest in by leaving their information with intent. In this instance, a lead is a person who is interested in becoming a foster carer.
  • To generate wider awareness amongst target audiences.
  • To increase website traffic, giving information to potential carers through blogs.
  • Give a deeper understanding of the brand and showcase what sets Olive Branch Fostering apart from competitors
  • To create a cohesive aesthetic across the social platforms
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Olive Branch Fostering
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Strategic Approach
After conducting an initial social media audit, we found that Olive Branch Fostering had a steady following, however, this following wasn’t interacting with the content or the page. Another challenge Olive Branch faced was the long consideration time needed to nurture a lead.
We aimed to raise awareness of Olive Branch Fostering’s work and message, promoting the agency and what sets them apart. This would ultimately generate leads and new enquiries. We achieved this by transforming the agency’s social media strategy.
Following on from an initial onboarding session with Olive Branch, we were able to delve into what sets Olive Branch apart, where the team sees the agency going and where their marketing goals feed into this.
It was essential for us to understand the process of becoming a foster carer and with ongoing learning from the Olive Branch team, we were able to better understand the process involved in becoming a carer. From awareness, and application to assessment and beyond, this proved key to our successful marketing strategy.
We conducted questionnaires aimed at understanding the fostering world better and dived into the do’s and don’ts. With the nature of the industry, it was essential that we conducted and researched relevant studies and statistics that would help us in creating and post consistent, high-quality content across platforms. The content aims to educate and dispel myths surrounding the foster care industry and address any worries that may stand in the way of potential enquiries.
We created a tailored paid social media strategy that aimed to increase awareness and capture new carer enquiries. Using specific location and interest-based targeting, we created engagement and web traffic campaigns, that increased overall link clicks and drove traffic to relevant pages on the website. Using lead generation campaigns in a strategic way, we targeted groups of people most likely to apply, by using interest targeting and lookalike audiences. Using a lifetime budget approach we were able to generate new leads daily, which increased month on month from the date of launch.
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Brucefield Estate
A Summary of Activity
Social media audit & industry research
Onboarding session with the Olive Branch team members to gain further insight
Ongoing communication with team members
A new strategy for organic social media content
A brand new paid social media strategy
Fresh creatives and social media graphics to include key info
Bi-weekly website blogs around trending and searched topics
Calendar of key dates and awareness days relevant to the campaign
Weekly posting schedule for organic and paid social media
Daily social media engagement and inbox management
Weekly client updates
Monthly performance reports

Our Results

Through new visuals, we have created a strong and cohesive social media feed that educates viewers in order to increase enquiries and interest in foster care.

Since June 2022, we successfully secured 221 new carer enquiries for potential foster carers. And saw an average decrease of £2 cost per lead month to month, which now stands at £20 per lead, well below the average cost per lead for the industry.

Developing and growing leads is essential for this agency. By securing these enquiries, it allows Olive Branch to spend more time nurturing them to become potential foster carers, meaning there are more children placed with suitable carers.

By implementing a regular posting schedule, an established tone of voice and strong visuals, since June we have increased the following metrics:

Engaged Users +566%

Post Reach + 8,698%

Impressions + 9,527%

Link Clicks + 2,811%

New Followers + 184%