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Facebook is now one of the most popular marketing platforms on the planet, with more than 2.7 billion active users. But, did you know that it also offers advertising options which can cater to a wide range of businesses?

Paid advertising can bring its own challenges and Facebook is no exception. It’s important to know what options you have when it comes to your advertising before you settle on a way to reach your target audience.

Facebook ads come with many benefits and we want you to be completely clued up before you put any money into your new ads. Read on to discover all the ways Facebook advertising can help you and your business.

1) It’s an effective way in which you can drive website traffic


Did you know that in 2022 Facebook reported having 1.96 billion daily active users? This means that no matter who your business is catering to, there’s an audience there to target.


Since acquiring Instagram back in 2012, Facebook has given its advertisers the option to advertise across both Facebook and Instagram channels. This means your Facebook advertisements now get to be seen by an even bigger audience with a whole different set of demographics.


2) Target your exact audiences


One of the main benefits of Facebook advertising is the ability to focus on a target audience using data from users. Facebook, being so data-rich, means that you can micro-target audiences that are the best for your business.

Facebook has plenty of useful data on its users, which means that businesses can narrow down their target audiences to different segmentations such as:

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Job title
  • Spoken languages
  • Interests
  • Online behaviours and more


3) Better ad types for your business needs

One benefit of Facebook advertising is that you’re not limited to certain ad types and you’re not going to be locked into plain text ads. This means that you can get creative with your branding and create really visual and eye-catching ads.

You can choose to create visual ads in the form of:

  • Image carousel
  • Image collection
  • Video
  • Instagram Story
  • Facebook Story
  • Facebook feed
  • Instagram feeds

Plus you’ll be able to preview all of these creatives whilst you’re setting up. Meaning that you’ll be able to see exactly what your ads will look like before you hit publish.


4) Get results fast!


Not sure whether you need a short-term or long-term strategy? Facebook can generate clicks as soon as they go live, showing your ad to thousands of people instantly.

This allows you to play around with your advertising and split your budget across different ads and creatives to gain insights into what your customer really likes. This makes Facebook advertising great for short-term goals such as events, sales or conferences.


5) Filter ads to block audiences that you don’t want.


Block lists” can be set up in an ads campaign to prevent your business ads from showing to URLs where you don’t want to appear. You can prevent your pages from showing in certain apps, certain pages in the Audience Network, in-stream videos, and in Facebook Instant Articles.

By utilizing these tools businesses can improve their ad efficiency, improve ROAS, and get more bang for your buck.

Well, there you have it. There are just a handful of the many different benefits Facebook advertising can have for your business.

Discover the benefits of Facebook advertising for your business – contact us to get started. We can help your business grow with professional paid-media marketing services and Facebook ad management.


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