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We’re living in a world where the art of communication is becoming more important than ever. Every brand out there is trying to be the loudest in the room. That’s why marketing and PR tactics, and the use of creativity is hotter than ever. These projects aren’t just about making a business look good; they can actually shape society.

If you’re stuck wondering what your next career step should be or you’re looking for a role that mixes creativity with making an impact, marketing and PR could be for you. Let’s take a look and find out. Here are some of the reasons we love what we do…

Your creative outlet

Picture this: making consumer facing ads that grab attention, crack jokes, and even change the game with a viral TikTok trend. Whether it’s coming up with catchy slogans, killer visuals, or planning social media stunts, being creative is the name of the game.

But it’s not all about creativity. You’ve got to think strategically too. It’s about getting how people think, spotting trends, and making plans that work. In this fast-moving world, being able to adapt and think ahead is crucial.

Future storytellers

Marketing and PR tactics are all about storytelling. One day, you might be promoting a service that helps people, championing social causes, or promoting an exciting new product. By spinning stories, marketers and PR professionals can change how people see things, start conversations, and even get people to take action.

A Day in The Life of Account Manager, James., 3

Variety is the spice of life

Whether your previous roles were in fashion, hospitality, professional services, or anything else, there’s a corner of this world waiting for you. 

Plus, it’s a field that welcomes all kinds of people – different backgrounds, experiences, you name it.

Shape our society

Marketing and PR professionals have the power to shape perceptions, spark conversations, and inspire action. Sometimes, the most impactful influence can come from simply creating engaging content that resonates with audiences on a personal level. Whether it’s a heartwarming story, a funny TV ad, or a thought-provoking social media campaign, marketers have the power to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression. 

So, if you’re up for an adventure where every day is different, think about diving into the world of marketing, social media and PR.

Join the team of storytellers, strategists, and individuals who are shaking up how we talk to each other… The spotlight’s waiting – are you ready to step up?

Curious about life at Tempt? Check out a day in the life of our account manager, James.

Tempt is a marketing and PR agency in Manchester. We’re all about helping brands shine with killer content and social media strategies. Want to chat about how we can help you? Send us a message! 

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